Pre-Nursery to Class 5

Class 6 to Class 10 (Matric)

Pre-Nursery to
O Levels

Pre-Nursery to
Class 1O (Matric)


Class 1 to
Matric & O Levels



Our branches are catering to two sessions; one beginning in April (Matric) and the other in August (Cambridge).  Parents can obtain further details from the respective branch.  Academic readiness is determined by previous school records or by the results of a school admission test.  A personal interview with the child and the parent is necessary.  Pupil seeking admission from another school need to submit a Leaving Certificate.


Admission form will be given after the child’s registration in the respective class, please download and fill in the REGISTRATION FORM and bring it to the relevant branch.  Once the admission form is submitted, parents will be interviewed and given a date to bring their child for an entrance test and interview, provided there are vacancies in the classes for which admission is desired.  Parents will be informed within a week’s time of the test result, about ...

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