Ladybird Grammar School is a unique combination of academic theory and practical experience. To visualize the dream of a quality educational institution, Ladybird Grammar School was established in the year 1982.


From its beginning, we have worked hard for improving education standards with the collaboration of qualified and dedicated team.


We impart a high level of education from pre-school to A Level through knowledge creation and intellectual development.


Ladybird Group of Institution follows a British System of Education to tend towards the Cambridge and the Matric System.


LGS believes in providing boys and girls with education which will help them to gain self respect and confidence through their own particular talents – be they in academics, in artistic activities, in sports or in any of the numerous fields of activities the school encourages. These talents thrive best in an atmosphere where pupils are busy but relaxed, where good manners, the spiritual, cultural and physical sides of education and the simple enjoyment of life are seen as equally important.




-  Think critically and independently.

-  Learn to apply the knowledge gained in life to the society in which they live.

-  Develop feelings and care for others.

-  Learn to be sensitive to the beauty of nature and art.

-  Do original and creative work.

-  Cultivate their all-round development.




-  Providing quality education since the year 1982.

-  Friendly and disciplined school environment.

-  Stress on the development of positive social attitudes.

-  Special emphasis on English Language Development.

-  Most Modern Pre-School with latest and effective ECED approach.

-  Daily Routine System implemented in all classes.

-  Topic/Activity based teaching approach.

-  Experienced, trained and dedicated staff members.

-  Teaching of the new educational concepts in harmony with the demands of 21st century.

-  Using psychological tools for Moral Character Building of students.

-  Continuous assessment of students to monitor their work and behaviour.

-  Regular contact with parents through circulars and school reports.

-  Parent Teacher Meetings.

-  Phonic, Listening and Reading taught by Audio/Visual Aids.

-  Students get regular hands on experience with computers.

-  Organized and well supervised educational trips.

-  Organized Music Classes for better language development.

-  Art and Extra Curricular activity as part of education.