Director's Message

Ever since the dawn of mankind, we have clearly understood one thing that human beings have always been the least protected species ever to walk on God’s green earth. Animals had claws to fight, strong legs to run and hunt, thick fur to keep them warm and everything in nature facilitated them. We humans would have been the weakest and most helpless of all creatures if God had not blessed us with our thinking brains; and education is and has always been the only deciding factor in a tug of war between Man and Animal to rule the world.


I consider it to be a great blessing of Allah, the Almighty Who chose me to become an educator. Through “Ladybird Grammar School”  I have been imparting knowledge and educating the youth of my nation for almost three decades. Moreover, I am proud to say that a student who graduates from Ladybird Grammar School is not just a bookworm but can handle multifarious tasks. Not only we employ the latest teaching methodologies to groom and shape our students into the true leaders of tomorrow but we make sure that with the help of a plethora of co-curricular events and activity based learning procedure our students develop fully rounded personalities.


A school embraces us to its loving bosom and nurtures us as a mother to her unborn baby, and when the time of graduation arrives, a school delivers its students into a whole new world of colours, sounds, challenges and opportunities very similar to a baby opening his or her eyes the very first time into this beautiful world… May be that is why educational institutions such as schools and universities are called ‘ALMAMATER’.


I am thankful to Allah, the Almighty Who has blessed me with such a thoroughly competent team who did their utmost to help me realize my dream, or rather the living proof of the fact that at Ladybird Grammar School We truly Receive uncut gems to Give out diamonds!